About me.
-I'm 22 and go to University in Baltimore
-My name is Shane Benjamin.
-I am a modern day hippie.
-Create yourself, friends.
Most of my life is white, gray, black, and red. LE YOUTUBE: supshane18


sexandcheesecake asked
Random not so important question but. When did you start to see noticeable facial hair growth on T?

Hm, I started getting fuzz within the first few months but it didn’t actually look like facial hair until about a year and a half to 2 years on T.

gudinoo asked
Idk if anyone's ever told you this but you kinda look like hoodie Allen! Props for having the courage to transition ✊👍

No one has ever told me that before, but thank you kind friend :) He is an attractive fellow.

gdiddytitty asked
Your blog is the shit.

You’re the shit. <3 I love you best friend.

foreverwanking asked
your blog sends me good vibes :D

Haha, I’m so glad :) That’s really all I am to do in life, emit positive energy. 

White people need to get beyond their feelings of guilt and understand that guilt for being white (or male or straight) is self-indulgent and paralyzing. This isn’t about you. It is about the structure of society and your actions within it. Feel guilty if you are not contributing to the solution, but not over something over which you have no control. Energy is much better spent working to be allies of people of color in ending racial discrimination.

Megan Seely, “Fight Like a Girl: How to be a Fearless Feminist” (via queersirensong)



narcissism and peer pressure got the best of me, had to make one

I left you forever ago, this is just payback and I hate your guts.